‘Access Control’ generally refers to systems that can control, monitor and restrict the movement of people, assets or vehicles in, out and around a building or site.

Access control can be a vital asset in preventing unauthorised and attendance and monitoring staff movement.
Access control can be as simple as a coded lock on one door through to a multisite control system on multiple doors.

Access control consists of a physical barrier and means to bypass it electronically. The physical barrier can be a door, gate, barrier, turnstile or lift or any other barrier capable of being locked.

Intercom systems can be added to allow staff to view and allow visitors to enter the premises when required.

On larger systems, access control can be a real benefit to your business. You can link it in to payroll systems for time attendance, it can also  be linked in to your fire system to open all your doors in the event of an activation and provide a roll call for when the building is evacuated.

Access controllers may either be ‘stand-alone’ or networked to a master PC-based (also known as ‘on-line’) there are a variety of reader types from coded entry to full biometric systems with finger print recognition.

Key Fire and Security recognises that each business is unique therefore our access control systems are tailored to meet each customer's requirements.