PIR - Patrol Inspect Respond

PIR is the bespoke management portal and mobile application designed and developed by the Key Security Group.

The management portal is used by every department within the group and covers all areas of business including finance, key performance indicators, admin, scheduling, operations and client management and reporting.

Our Control Room team use the management portal as their primary tool for the management of the key holding and mobile services division. They prepare and despatch a range of scheduled, ad hoc and immediate jobs from within the system.

Our Response Officers use the mobile application to complete all their daily duties including lock and unlocks, mobile patrols, vacant property inspections and alarm response attendances.

All site information is accessed from the app, negating the need for paper or emailed instructions. This has seen a reduction in paper use of circa 25,000 pages per annum, helping us to reduce our carbon footprint.

Each “task” is completed using a bespoke electronic form, complete with colour photographs.

These reports are provided to our clients as part of our contract and account management.


We combine NFC (Near Field Communication) technology with mobile and foot patrols as well as lock and unlock services to provide proof of presence and a detailed report of the actions taken by our officers.


We complete a range of vacant property inspections, adapting our clients paper based reports into an electronic version providing a more professional report including colour photographs.


We provide a fast response to a variety of different alarm activations and alerts. Each visit is documented using a bespoke alarm response report including relevant colour photographs, and then provided to the client via email.