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8 Jun 2016

Key Security were awarded a contract by a large NHS Trust to provide the following services;

  • Mobile Patrols
  • Lock and Unlock
  • Key Holding
  • Alarm Response
  • Boarding Up

The contract was mobilised efficiently replacing two incumbent providers.

As part of the transfer we were required to take over responsibility for the void properties on the estate.

What was the problem?

A former NHS Centre and surrounding buildings on a 5.5 acres site with open access had been inappropriately secured and protected.

The previous security service had been ineffective and the buildings had been repeatedly breached with cable and lead theft across the site. The site has asbestos and this posed a further risk.

The entire site had become overgrown to the point it was like a scene from the film “Jumanji”.

Drug use was occurring on the site as was regular instances of fly tipping.

Existing Security Measures

Building doors and windows had been boarded up with chipboard, which were largely ineffective and breached on a daily basis.

Heras fencing had been installed, but was poorly fitted and not secure.

Security Officers patrolled the building randomly around 18 times per week, however there was little documentation or evidence of problems being reported and ultimately resolved.


After having boarding up teams out to the site every week for the first month of service, we visited the site during daytime hours with our preferred contractors.

The purpose was to protect the site from further damage and the NHS from further liability.

In summary we coordinated the following security and safety improvements;

  • Full needle sweep of the site
  • Full clearance of the grounds using a JCB – clearing over 50 tonnes of overgrown plants and trees
  • Steel security to all windows and doors that were not required to be accessible
  • Steel security doors to permit access to accessible areas for meter readings etc.
  • Creation of an clear perimeter fence, properly secured, with any damaged panels replaced
  • Relocation of concrete blocks to prevent unauthorised vehicle access to the site

Additional Security

  • The site has 24/7 monitored CCTV using a range of static and Rapid Deployment Tower units, with full detection and audio challenge facility.
  • The site has 24/7 Response to incidents occurring and captured on CCTV.
  • The site has daily patrol visits, both virtual and physical.
  • Regular Vacant Property Inspections are documented using our mobile App – PIR.
  • Escorted Access Visits for prospective buyers are provided by our Response Officers

The use of Manned Guards was introduced on a 24/7 basis during the clear and clean phase, however due to the use of CCTV and a dedicated Response service, it was not cost effective to continue with Manned Guarding due to the ongoing costs.

The site is now fully protected using our preferred method of operation, which combines the latest technology in Remote CCTV Monitoring with our Mobile Response service.