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8 Sep 2017 date

​Mobile Security Services – Always the Right Place at the Right Time! Do you have a mobile security service protecting your business? Have you considered this type of service o...

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1 Sep 2017 date

​Key Holding Services Can Help You Enjoy a Peaceful Night’s Sleep Do you know about key holding services? Do you know how this simple service can help y...

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18 Aug 2017 date

​How Can Remote CCTV Monitoring Save Your Business? Remote CCTV monitoring is growing in popularity with businesses throughout the world and there is a reason for this. Remote...

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19 Jun 2017 date

​Would your business fail if you had a fire at your premises? If essential business tools and information were lost or inaccessible could your business continue? Would each day your business was out of action cost you an un-sustainable amoun...

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7 Jun 2017 date

​Business security systems and choosing the best CCTV cameras? CCTV cameras can be a great deterrent to would be criminals, however they won’t stop everyone, and it is difficult to have a visual on all areas of the prope...

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28 Apr 2017 date

​Access Control is becoming more and more popular with businesses because it provides so many benefits. Here we explain what access control is and how it can provide extra protection for your business. What is Access Con...

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13 Mar 2017 date

With so many security solutions available it can be difficult to decide which are right for your business. Businesses often combine various security services and systems to ensure an effective all-round solution that reduces risk.Acces...

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1 Mar 2017 date

​At Key Security we provide a wide range of security services and create bespoke security solutions to fit the needs of our clients. One of the many benefits of working with us is the reduced risk to your employees. Here we explain how t...

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