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Why CCTV monitoring keeps businesses secure

24 May 2017

CCTV Monitoring Advantages

We all value our security, security is fundamental to our sense of peace across all walks of life, security ensures that our safety and possessions are protected. Commercial and residential buildings are built to provide protection of possessions, protection of property and protection from the weather.

But, what happens when something goes wrong? If possessions are taken, if property is damaged by people or by natural events? CCTV systems can help you to work out what happened, but there’s a lot of variables – was the CCTV camera turned on? Was it facing in the right direction? Is the CCTV camera resolution good enough to see what happened?

There is the argument that having a CCTV system installed can act as a deterrent, that would be criminals may think twice about an act if camera’s are present. This won’t protect your premises against the weather or other event!

Home CCTV Monitoring

Monitoring CCTV at your home is possible thanks to the latest technology, with apps on a smartphone it is easy to check in with your camera’s and see what is going on if alerted, but often unless it is clear what is happening when you are alerted, too much information is not always a good thing. Unnecessary worry can occur if sensors are over-sensitive and triggering randomly – and what if you are own a business or commercial premises, how can you get the most out of CCTV security in business premises or other commercial establishment?

CCTV monitoring is a vital business tool in the fight against crime, savvy businesses have state of the art camera’s installed that can be monitored by professionals. CCTV monitoring for business is one of the most cost-effective ways of keeping your premises safe.

Real threat?

As well as acting as a deterrent, a good management service by professional remote CCTV monitoring companies can help detect what is a real threat, or something that can be overlooked. Depending on the level of cover you have, the monitor alerts can trigger a site visit or a call to the owner, either way the CCTV is providing a clear and present warning for action!

Professional security firms like Key Security are providing peace of mind to business owners across the North of England and keeping businesses secure. As well as 24/7 CCTV monitoring with alarm response, security firms can take action as and when needed, to keep your premises safe and in the long run remote cctv monitoring can save you money!