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What Are The Best Security Options For a Low Risk Site?

31 Jan 2017

With advances in technology it has never been easier to find business security services to meet your individual business needs. The type of business you are, and the location of your business premises, can often dictate the level of security that is needed.

So what security options provide the most effective solutions for low risk sites?


Keyholding is a straightforward and effective security service that provides many benefits. If an alarm is raised at your premises the nominated keyholder will visit site, do a full check of the premises, reset the alarm and ensure everything is secure. They can also be called out if access is required in an emergency.

The benefit of using a keyholder service is that it reduces risk to your employees. When an alarm is raised the keyholder could be walking into a potentially dangerous situation. Your employees may not be trained to deal with this but a security officer is.

Access Control

Access control systems are an excellent way of ensuring that only those who are authorised can access the building, or specific areas within the building. The systems will record who has entered the building and when, so you can monitor any unusual activity.

You can programme these systems to give access to individuals during specific times of the day and can restrict which parts of the building they can enter. This ensures that nobody is in the building when they shouldn’t be.

It is also very easy to restrict access in the event that an employee leaves the company or loses their access pass. Some systems can even be managed remotely.

Intruder Alarms

Intruder alarms are often a sufficient deterrent. Criminals target buildings that are easy to enter and exit without detection. Buildings with intruder alarms make it harder for them to go undetected.

There are many types of intruder alarm systems available. You can have one system that covers the whole building or you can separate different areas of your building.

You can have separate alarm codes for individual employees so you can monitor anyone coming in the building after hours. An alarm can even be linked to your access control, automatically deactivating when an authorised person enters.


CCTV is a very good deterrent as criminals don’t want to get caught on camera. If they are caught on camera it is much easier for police to identify them and make a case for prosecution. Businesses with CCTV reduce the risk of being targeted.

CCTV records all activity so if there is an incident you can review the footage to find out exactly what happened. Alternatively, remote CCTV monitoring ensures that your building is under constant surveillance giving you peace of mind.

CCTV systems vary from very basic to extremely high tech, which means most businesses are able to find a suitable option.

Why choose Key Security Group

Key Security Group offer all the above services.

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