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Unveiling the new Response Fleet..

14 Mar 2016

After arriving at Head Office a little after 6am on a decent Monday morning, I awaited the return from the night shift of one of our 18 month old VW Caddy Response vans.

I was returning it to Link Central, our long term vehicle partners who had coordinated the transfer out of the existing 11 response vans, and were providing 15 Hyundai i20's in their place.

Link Central’s candid and colourful Director Lee, together with James from Positive Design had waded through 2 months of livery design, safe calculations and various other requests from me in the pursuit of the perfect, modern and economic vehicle, which not only met the requirements of the current but the future British Standards for key holding, but that was both unique and professional looking in appearance.

And so, after commandeering Link's car park, half a dozen of their staff and their recovery truck, we were able to shoot a number of quality pictures courtesy of "".

The real battle begins now, maintaining, consolidating and continuing to expand our customer base across the extensive regions in which we operate.

For any support in Key Holding & Alarm Response, Mobile Patrols, Locks and Unlocks or Vacant Property Inspections should be directed through to Kieran Montgomery, Group Managing Director on 01924 273050.