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Top of the range security systems for ultimate business security

13 Mar 2017

With so many security solutions available it can be difficult to decide which are right for your business. Businesses often combine various security services and systems to ensure an effective all-round solution that reduces risk.

Access Control

Access Control is becoming more prevalent in business environments as it provides many benefits. Access control systems can be fitted to all doors within a building and, as the name suggests, access can be completely controlled.

This means that you can limit access to specific areas of a building and restrict the times at which employees can enter. Doors automatically lock after someone has passed through which means there is no risk of people forgetting to lock a secure room or office when they leave.

Access control systems record who has entered and at what time so if there are any security breaches you have a record of whose pass has been used.

With traditional keys there is a big security risk if a set is lost. Having to change the locks to prevent unauthorised access can be costly as well as inconvenient. With access control you can activate and deactivate passes via a computerised system. This means that as soon as a lost or stolen pass is reported it can be deactivated so anyone trying to use it will be unsuccessful.

With so many benefits to access control it’s not surprising that it is becoming a common security measure for businesses and organisations.

Intruder Systems

Having Intruder Systems is an effective security solution. Not only does it ensure that unauthorised entry can be responded to sooner, it also acts as a good deterrent. Criminals target the businesses that are easiest to get in and out of without getting caught. A building with an intruder alarm system is a bigger risk for them than one without.

Intruder alarms and access control are even more effective when used in conjunction with other systems such as Remote CCTV Monitoring. Your CCTV will be monitored 24 hours a day so if an alarm is raised then it can be easy to see exactly what is happening on site. If necessary a security unit can be dispatched or emergency services called.

Another effective solution is Mobile Patrols. Security officers visit your site at regular intervals and complete full security checks. When used in conjunction with other services, this can provide all round security for businesses.

How Key Security Group help with Intruder systems?

At Key Security we are experts at providing top of the range security solutions that provide ultimate security for businesses. Along with a range of intruder systems and access control options, we also offer a wide selection of services and can put together bespoke security packages to fit your business needs.

If you have a security requirement or would like us to provide expert recommendations, then get in touch. Our team of experts can put the solution in place that is right for your business. Contact us today to find out more.