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How Can Remote CCTV Monitoring Save You Money?

5 Dec 2016

Remote CCTV Monitoring is less expensive than many other security measures on offer. Once CCTV cameras are in place the cost of monitoring is far less than employing a full time security guard.

Remote monitoring is more cost effective than monitoring on site as a remote operative can monitor several sites at once.

CCTV monitoring can also be used in conjunction with other security measures such as Mobile Security. By combining these services you get the benefits of constant monitoring as well as having physical checks of your premises.

Benefits of remote CCTV monitoring

CCTV security is a popular choice for many businesses. As well as being extremely cost effective, remote CCTV services provide peace of mind

The main advantage of having a monitored CCTV system, rather than just a recording system, is that an incident can be dealt with immediately. A CCTV operative can take action as soon as there is any sign of unauthorised persons.

They can dispatch a response unit to site or contact emergency services if necessary.

CCTV is a more accurate way to identify a suspect than a description from an eye witness. It also makes it easier for police to make a case for arrest and prosecution. Therefore, security cameras act as a good deterrent to would-be criminals who don’t want to get caught.

There are many CCTV systems available; from basic options that record activity at the main entrance, right through to high tech systems that cover the entire building. Cameras can be switched on at certain periods, set to continuously record or be activated by motion sensors.

Some systems include audio challenge facilities which allow operatives to speak directly to any unknown persons. This is often enough to prevent or deter crime.

Due to the amount of options available CCTV is very popular. Most businesses are able to find an option that fits with both their budget and their security requirement.

Choosing your CCTV system

If you are considering remote CCTV monitoring then you should research the different options available to ensure that you get the system that is best suited to your business.

If you already have CCTV in place then look for a company whose monitoring systems are compatible with your existing equipment.

If you do not have a system in place then a good security company will explain the different options and make recommendations based on your needs.

Key Security Group & CCTV

At Key Security Group, we are able to install and accept a wide range of systems for remote monitoring as we operate the Immix Central Station platform. We are experts in providing total security systems that meet the needs of our clients.

Our Control Room and Helpdesk are monitored 24 hours a day. Our CCTV Monitoring team working in conjunction with our Patrol and Response teams operating across the UK provide excellent service and professional support.

If you would like to discuss remote CCTV monitoring then contact our team today to find the security solution that is right for your business.