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Business security systems and choosing the best CCTV cameras?

7 Jun 2017

Business security systems and choosing the best CCTV cameras?

CCTV cameras can be a great deterrent to would be criminals, however they won’t stop everyone, and it is difficult to have a visual on all areas of the property you are looking to protect. This is why working with experts to design and install your CCTV camera set-up can ensure you maximise security in the workplace.

Installing a good camera based security system at your business premises can mean that if you are the victim of crime, the camera’s do their job and collect the evidence that can help any investigation from police and insurance companies.

Security cameras come in various specifications and designs, it is important to select cameras that have the range to cover the area that you are looking to monitor. The camera resolution is very important, particularly when recording over longer distances, this ensures that the quality of the playback image is satisfactory.

All quality cameras have a night vision mode and recording a picture at night is generally delivered using low-light, thermal imaging and infrared illumination. Low light cameras intensify the image, but it is vital that there is some light to work with otherwise the image quality is sacrificed on playback.

CCTV cameras can be placed along walls, in the corners or middles of rooms, the choice very much depends on the area you are looking to cover. Centrally mounted CCTV cameras can provide full 360 degree rotation, whereas corner and wall cameras will generally have between 90 and 180 degrees of vision.

An effective camera set-up is important and should be done by professionals to keep your business secure. CCTV monitoring for businesses is the next stage in advancing your business security and will help reduce insurance costs, in most cases.

CCTV cameras will not only act as a deterrent and help your case if you are the victim of crime, but it can also support the employees. An effective camera security system can help you to keep your team safe, cameras act as a deterrent in many situations and studies have also linked CCTV cameras to productivity in the workplace.

The cost – benefit of adding a camera based security system and CCTV monitoring in the business makes complete sense for most companies. Often security is considered after an incident, and this can sometimes be too late. Don’t let it be too late in your business!