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What services can a security firm offer you in Nottingham?

10 May 2017

What services can a security firm offer you in Nottingham?

Just like every city, Nottingham has its share of crime. As a business, you can reduce the risk of being targeted by utilising some of the excellent security systems on offer.

There is a vast range of security solutions available to suit different budgets, different levels of risk and different business needs. So, just what protection can Key Security Group offer businesses in Nottingham?

Key Holding

We can provide a professional Key Holding service. Combined with our Alarm Response service, this is an effective security measure. Should an emergency occur at your premises or an alarm be activated, a trained security guard will respond and take the necessary action. Using a professional key holding service eliminates the need for you or one of your employees to have to attend site for an emergency out-of-hours call.

Mobile Patrols

Our security team can provide regular patrols of your property ensuring that it is safe and secure and there are no signs of criminal activity. As well as patrols, we can also provide a Locks and Unlocks service. Our trained security guard will open and close you premises which can significantly reduce risk to your employees, especially in lone worker situations. All of our security teams are trained to identify and respond to potential security threats.

Fire Safety

Security is not just about preventing crime. Fire can have devastating effects on a business; ensuring the safety of your employees is essential. We install, service and maintain Fire Alarm Systems and Emergency Lighting to help you protect your team and comply with health and safety regulations.

Intruder Alarms

There are many systems available to help you protect your business from security threats and give you peace of mind. Intruder Systems are extremely effective; they not only detect criminal activity, they also act as a good deterrent against crime in the first place. There is a wide range of intruder alarms available and our expert team can advise on the most cost-effective system to match your insurance requirement and business needs.

Security Systems

IP CCTV and Access Control are extremely effective systems for the prevention and detection of safety or security issues. Access control restricts unauthorised access to the building and specific areas within the building. CCTV can identify any security issues and provide visual evidence. Using a remote CCTV Monitoring service ensures that your property is being monitored twenty-four hours a day. If a security issue is identified then the necessary action can be taken quickly. There are many CCTV and access control systems available to suit different budgets and security requirements. Our team of security experts can make recommendations on the most suitable systems for your needs.

Why Key Security?

Key Security provides full security solutions to businesses. We work with you to identify the best systems for your individual needs and then implement and maintain those systems for you.

Our team of experts provide honest, informative security advice. All of our security guards are trained to a high standard and we use the latest technologies to provide exceptional service to our clients.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you protect your business premises, employees and assets then please contact our friendly team today to find out more.