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​Key Holding Services Can Help You Enjoy a Peaceful Night’s Sleep

1 Sep 2017

Key Holding Services Can Help You Enjoy a Peaceful Night’s Sleep

Do you know about key holding services? Do you know how this simple service can help you as a business owner get the essential sleep you need at night to be productive tomorrow? Key holding services are offered by top security companies in conjunction with armed response, so they don't bother you at night unless absolutely necessary, enabling you to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep night after night.

Alarm Response

If you own your own business, then you want to know your offices, factory or warehouse is safe when you go home at night. You rely heavily on your security company to come out the instant your alarm is triggered. The problem is that in the majority of cases, they will need to call you or a member of your team that holds the keys, such as a supervisor or manager. Then you have to meet the security company to ensure that your alarm response has everything is in order.

This isn't practical and your alarm may go off in the early hours a few nights a week, which means your sleep is disturbed and you're not getting the hours you need. With a key holding service, your keys are kept in a secure lock up and when your alarm is triggered, the alarm response unit have your keys so that they can check the property. If all is OK, you are left to sleep the night. They will only contact you if there is a problem.

Peace of Mind

Yes, that's right, key holding services in conjunction with your alarmed response can provide you with much needed peace of mind. You will find that this tightens your security measures and reduces the risk to yourself and others. You will be able to relax with your family in the evenings, put your feet up and watch television without worrying what is going on at your offices or whether they are secure.

Reduce the Risk

Of course key holding and alarm response services can reduce your risk substantially. If you are called out in the event your alarm triggers late at night, you are putting yourself and your key holding team at risk too.

What happens if there is a burglar inside the property when you arrive? Chances are, you will be putting yourself at considerable risk. With key holding services, the trained security professionals are the ones at risk, so you don't have to worry about your own safety! 

If you would like more information about our key holding service so you can finally relax and have a peaceful nights sleep, get in touch