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‘70% of businesses fail after a premises fire – Don’t be one of them!’

19 Jun 2017

Would your business fail if you had a fire at your premises? If essential business tools and information were lost or inaccessible could your business continue? Would each day your business was out of action cost you an un-sustainable amount of money, even in the short term?

There are many statistics around this subject, some say that the stats seem high, but can you afford to take the risk? Fire security measures are a legal health and safety requirement for UK based companies but is having fire alarms, fire extinguishers and a fire drill enough? What happens if the fire occurs outside of office hours, when all of these measures will not protect the essential things that you may need to avoid a long and costly process of getting the business back on track.

If your business is likely to struggle after being wiped out by a fire then it may be worth thinking about fire alarm monitoring. Monitoring your fire alarms can be a cost effective way to get to a fire quickly, and potentially before business-folding damage can occur. Fire alarm monitoring can be added to a standard CCTV monitoring service for a low additional fee. The service works the same way, in the event of a fire alarm trained experts are on hand to get to the premises at any time of day or night, gain entry and manage the situation.

Working closely with the emergency services, most fires can be contained quickly if they are caught early enough. Equally if the fire alarm was a false alarm, this can be reset and the premises re-secured without the business owner needing to be alerted until the situation was over.

Having a robust fire alerting system in place is the crucial piece in the puzzle, there are a range of fire alarm systems available that can be added to a monitoring service to ensure your fire alarms are monitored by experts.

In the event of a fire it is very important that your first extinguishers have been properly maintained, if they need to be used it is critical that they are in good working order, this means regular servicing.

Whether you’d go out of business or not, a fire at your premises is always very damaging to a company, and it can take a long time to get back to normal. Don’t be a statistics and ensure you have your fire protection in place with a good fire alarm system,fire extinguishers and fire monitoring service.